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DO eat plenty
of fruit and vegetables

5 portions every day


DO drink more water

8 glasses every day


DO eat 1 portion of oily fish a week

·       Salmon



DO eat slowly

·   Try and be relaxed
Avoid distractions like TV


DO enjoy your food

·   Try and make things you
    like to eat

Have a treat every now
    and again

·      Just don’t eat bad food
    every day!


DON'T eat too much food

Stop eating
when you are full


DON'T eat too much sugar

·       Chocolate
Fizzy Drinks



DON'T eat too much salt

·       Crisps
Some ready meals
    have lots of salt



DON'T eat too much fat

·   Fried things
·   Some ready meals



DON'T skip breakfast

·   This is the most important
    meal of the day

It gives you the energy
    you need



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