NEWS FLASH! Our charity has a new name. Our name has changed. The charity used to be called Bexley and Bromley Advocacy. We are now called Advocacy for All.

When we get some funding we will change all the logos and information on the website. (This project is still called Advocate 4 Health)










We are a unit and that is what you need.

Geoffrey, Bexley


We liked doing the DVD. That’s been out nearly a year. The best bit was the launch and seeing all the bits we did. At the road shows in different boroughs we have been promoting healthy eating. We meet different people. On the website the news about local groups is good and the layout is easy to use.

Matthew, Bromley


If you keep it going we will have so much to tell people – there are people who are worse off than us.

Michelle, Wandsworth


If Advocate 4 Health was not there I would miss coming to see Cathie and Michele

Joanne, Bromley



In March 2011 we finished our 6 month pilot project in Bromley called Go4it. We worked with people to get them into exercise. Lots of people are still exercising every week, playing tennis, table tennis, swimming and doing low impact exercise at Beckenham Spa.


Here is what people said on the questionnaire about sport and activity in Bromley (Good and bad stuff)

“I cant afford to pay it all up front”

Its ages since I last did this” (swimming)

“My friend has a gym membership and I would like one”

“I need help to lose weight”

Its good to ask people about exercise”

“Bromley Borough does not offer enough facilities”

Id like more football”


People who started doing new exercise had a lot to say (Good and bad stuff):

Were doing well arent we!”

“We might get lost on our own” (walking)

“Someone kicked me up the bum. It was good. Now I really enjoy it”

“I needed help getting out of the pool but I think they forgot to come and help me”

“We should get others involved. It doesnt cost too much. Its easy.”


IN JANUARY 2011 The Bromley Healthy Lifestyles group made a booklet called ‘A Week of Healthy Lunches.’ Here are some comments:


Thanks for this. It’s excellent - I particularly like the desserts…am supposed to be eating more healthily so hopefully this will galvanize me! I shall give it to citizens and let you know any feedback they have.

Ella Pobee, Voice Ability


This is very good  booklet,  the group should be proud about this booklet, I am going to print it off and pass it out to users and staff. You have all done a great job

Dean Bogle, Sherard Road


How kind of you to share this. Vanessa, Croydon PCT


Thanks for this, just had a look and it’s quite helpful for me and the girls. Got something to keep them busy during half term Abbey Adeyoyin, Human Resources Officer, Oxleas


Dear Healthy Lifestyles Group, I think the booklet ('A Week of Healthy Lunches') is very useful. There are a lot of people who need this sort of information to help them live independently. Also, there are a lot of people who can make choices but do not have enough information to make healthy choices. This information can help with healthy choices. This booklet can be used for Health Action Planning. I can see nurses in GP practices finding this useful to help them advise people about healthy living. When can I share it with all the health services?

Mark Bradley, Health Facilitator, Oxleas


Thank you for this, I will forward to all our Team Leaders and Senior Support Workers. We are always looking for ways to encourage healthier food and nutrition

Martin Chittel, Avenues


Thank you for sending this through I have emailed colleagues from the hospital and community services as I think they may wish to explore using this – I hope that is OK Jim Blair, St George’s Hospital


Sounds excellent”

Zoe Packman, Deputy Director of Nursing, St George’s Hospital


Thanks for this Anne Mbonu, Croydon PCT


Could you pass on a well done to Bromley Mencap I will share this with us. Chris Albury, Wandsworth Mencap



Staying Healthy was made by Adults with a learning difficulty.

The DVD has 3 sections

·       Health Projects

·       Looking after your health

·       Outtakes

If you would like to buy a copy please contact

Advocate 4 Health at Advocacy for All.

dvd front cover.jpg020 8300 9666 or


£9.95 (Discount for people with a learning difficulty and registered charities.)





Everyone really enjoyed the experience and being part of the Advocate for Health DVD, well done to everyone at Advocate 4 Health…

Kind regards



The BUG members really enjoyed the filming session recently and are looking forward to the screening and launch.

Best wishes,



Hi there

Some very powerful images. Thank you for sharing them with me

Kindest regards



Thanks for the invite to the film.  We all really enjoyed it…

Kind regards,



I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole thing - the way you guys were working together at Mencap that day was really encouraging. Cheers,





I really enjoyed the session on massage. It made me relaxed and I think I learnt a lot about myself, about what I like and what I don't like.

Robert Goldman


‘That was lovely' 'I really enjoyed that' 'Are you coming back next week?'

Comments to James Box from the Sherard Road Ladies Group


Naomi's helped me eat fruit, she gave me an apple and now I eat them all the time. I ate an Orange last night.

James Box




`Hi, My name is Rebecca, I am 26 years old and I have a learning disability and some mental health needs, and saw your website, is very good and it would be nice if this was available somewhere near to where I live in Poole, Dorset as we could do with some health support for people

Rebecca – March 20th 2010


Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your card. I’ve read it and it is very interesting. I’m glad you like the website.

Best wishes,

Adam, on behalf of Advocate 4 Health

Adam – March 29th 2010


Hi to everyone at Advocate 4 Health

I just wanted to write and say congratulations on your amazing new website. What a great job you've done.

I've just looked at it today for the first time and I wanted to look at every page - it was so inviting and interesting! I will be using this website again!

Ann Fergusson  - 18 June 2009


Congratulations on the launch of your new website. It looks amazing and I am sure will prove very useful to people.

Councillor Sharon Massey – June 2009


Welcome to our health website! Please write to us with health tips and ideas or just write in to say hello!

Advocate 4 Health group – 12 June 2009